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AI Innovation House is an innovation playground for digitalisation and artificial intelligence. They bring the latest knowledge to eye level so it can be translated into practical solutions and boost growth for Danish companies. 

On the 4th of november the conference “AI og Sundhedsdata – yndlingsdrink eller sprængfarlig cocktail?” will be held as a collaboration between AI Innovation House and DigitalLead, but you can already see the Levvel Health booth at AI Innovation House.

With our participation, Levvel Health highlights how AI can be used to detect disease and exacerbations in advance. Until now, AI has been used primarily as a decision support in the clinic. New technologies make it possible, easy and cheap to move AI completely into patients homes with Levvel.connect and remote patient monitoring.

  • Automated triage
  • Assisted decision-making
  • Freed-up resources
  • Better patient outcomes
Telehealth for remote qualified care


Levvel.connect provided by Levvel Health is a proven and scalable virtual care platform that remotely connects patients and healthcare professionals. Our solution enables healthcare providers to remotely monitor, triage, and support patients by using AI and intelligent data analysis. 

Levvel.connect helps eradicate physical barriers and bring healthcare services to patients – when and where they need them – creating convenience and better patient outcomes with one solution.

Device integrations and

Solution partners

Levvel Health provides a remote patient monitoring solution which is disease, device and platform agnostic. The open API allows for integration with IoT and Bluetooth medical devices. We have several partners with whom ready for deployment for different usecases.

The solution can be  purchased from a number of renowned cloud vendors and be ready for patient enrollment within two days! 

  • If it can be measured, it can be reported with Levvel.connect, not limited to any therapeutic area
  • Any bluetooth or IoT medical device can render data to Levvel.connect; we do not have proprietary devices
  • Levvel.connect can be installed on any platform, e.g. Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud or on-prem. 
Meet the team


With our Remote Patient Monitoring solution, we aim to empower healthcare providers to efficiently support patients in their homes.

Our Software as a Service solution Levvel.connect enables healthcare professionals to remotely monitor, triage, and support patients. In addition, our solution utilizes AI analysis to provide decision support.

We are backed by the Horizon2020 EU program which accelerates the development of our technology.

Levvel Health is a Danish company with employees and partners around the world. The name “Levvel” is derived from the Danish “lev vel” which means “live well” in English.

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European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme | TiamatCo-funded by the Horizon 2020 of the European Union