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We are looking for sales partners

Expand your offering to the healthcare sector with our Remote Patient Monitoring solution to develop new business opportunities – we are looking for strategic sales partners to join our network.

Our RPM solution can – amongst a vast array of benefits – optimize the use of scarce healthcare resources, be the key to a new revenue stream, and provide comfort and a sense of safety for patients in home isolation or quarantine. Regardless of whether your focus is optimizing the patient experience and outcome, business development or public health, our solution can help you on your way to achieve your goals.

By combining your local industry and technology expertise with Levvel Health’s knowhow and solution for Remote Patient Monitoring, we can support medical professionals in caring care for patients with chronic conditions or infectious diseases like COVID-19 in the comfort of their homes.

Let’s have a dialogue on we can make a difference together in the combat against COVID-19 – please fill out the form just below the selection of our RPM solution’s advantages.

Levvel Health's RPM advantages

Remote healthcare

In-app chat function enables remote access to healthcare advice.

 Remote monitoring

Enrollment of patients into the fully automated self-monitoring program.

AI platform

Collect, store, analyse data and predict future trends.

Instant triage

Overview screen with color coded notification indicating if action is required.

White labelling

Make the RPM solution yours; colors, logo etc..


Full language and charset customization


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