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Are you planning a research study or clinical trial and would you like to use Remote Patient Monitoring to collect and analyse real-time health data as part of your research project?  Our Remote Patient Monitoring solution is a CE-marked medical device software tool that allows you to remotely collect quantitative and qualitative insights from patients.

Right now we are offering free licences to research projects on the long-term effects of COVID-19.

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We constantly seek to improve our solution and gain insights into how we can create value for healthcare providers, patients, as well as for researchers. That is why we offer you to use our RPM solution for your research project for free. We only ask for your feedback on how the RPM solution worked for you in return.
No other conditions apply.

Remote Patient Monitoring benefits for projects and pilots

Customizable protocols

Questionnaires can easily be modelled with a drag and drop functionality. 

AI platform

Collect, store, analyse data and predict future trends.

Patient interfaces

Your patients will be able to submit health data through an App or a web browser

Instant triage

Overview screen with color coded notification indicating if action is required.

Turnkey solution

Redy to deploy, runs on the most secure cloud for business, IBM Cloud


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