Complicated pregnancies

Prenatal support

Remote Complicated Pregnancy-related care

Caregivers can support future mothers throughout their complicated pregnancy with Remote Patient Monitoring. As an alternative to hospital admissions, home-based monitoring allows for self-measurements by the pregnant woman who uploads the data for in-clinic assessment. With IoT or Bluetooth medical devices, measurements like cardiotocography, body weight, and blood pressure can be transmitted directly to the healthcare provider and be displayed in a comprehensive and prioritized overview.

Levvel.connect allows women to maintain a continuous relationship with a healthcare professional that can provide her with medical advice, assurance, and comfort. In turn, this contributes to taking the burden off healthcare resources and making them available for handling more complicated health conditions. Read the research

Benefits for the healthcare provider

  • Take the burden off national health service
  • Help reduce the number of outpatient visits
  • Improve adherence to treatment
  • Reduce the number of inpatient days

Benefits for the pregnant women

  • Empower pregnant women to monitor their health and care
  • Benefit women who live in aresa with limited access to on-site prenatal care
  • Allow for improved comfort, less stress, and more rest 
  • Reduce the need for hospital admission


Telehealth: improving maternity services by modern technology

BMJ journals, Oct 2020

Remote monitoring … can be used safely and effectively for monitoring of BP in women with PIH. It can help in achieving compliance with the NICE guidelines for the frequency of monitoring without increasing workload on healthcare. 

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Denmark - a telehealth nation - white paper

Healthcare Denmark, Mar 2018

Aarhus University Hospital now offers home monitoring as an alternative for women who experience health problems during pregnancy. The number of outpatient visits has been reduced, staff spends 75% less time on patient monitoring, and the number of inpatient days for women with pregnancy complications has been reduced by 44%.

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Home-based telemonitoring versus hospital admission in high risk pregnancies: a qualitative study on women’s experiences

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 2020

Telemonitoring of a high-risk pregnancy provides an innovative manner to monitor fetal and maternal condition from home. Compared to the experiences of hospital admission in high risk pregnancy, it allows women to be in a comforting and private environment during an anxious time in their lives.

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Home-Based Monitoring and Telemonitoring of Complicated Pregnancies: Nationwide Cross-Sectional Survey of Current Practice in the Netherlands

JMIR Publications, Oct 2020

Home-based care allows an increasing number of pregnant women in need of daily monitoring to stay at home and avoid hospital admission.

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