COVID-19 Telemedicine

COVID-19 and Remote Patient Monitoring

Optimize the use of scarce resources

Backed by the European Commision’s Horizon 2020 programme, Levvel Health has made a dedicated remote patient monitoring solution focused solely on COVID-19.
It is called COVID-19 Telemedicine.

COVID-19 Telemedicine is developed with a COVID-19 clinical protocol developed by pulmonologists.
COVID-19 Telemedicine is intended as a tool for remote screening and monitoring, allowing healthcare providers to offer remote preventative healthcare and treatment.

PS: You can easily add protocols for other therapeutic areas and change the COVID-19 protocol to fit your national guidelines.

Optimize the use of scarce resources

COVID-19 and Remote Patient Monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the way we live our lives. Social distancing and preventive measures have become an integrated part of our society. At the same time the pandemic continues to put pressure on the healthcare system in many countries. 

Remote patient monitoring can help release the pressure and help you provide excellent care to more people.  

Optimize capacity

With automated triage, time is saved on obtaining history or symptoms and beds are preserved for the patients needing them the most. 

In addition, a single clinician can monitor up to 500 patients a day. In other words: 200 nurses and doctors can monitor up to 100,000 patients a day.

Realtime data

An influx of enrolled patients and/or patient notifications will alert clinicians to let them plan ahead accordingly.

COVID-19 Telemedicine includes easy-to-decode graphs, helping healthcare professionals keep track of the development by the hour.

Large array of measurements

We currently offer registration of more than 40 measurements, including blood pressure, pulse, coughing, saturation, respiratory rate, and fever as well as subjective symptoms like loss of smell. 

The COVID-19 protocol can be adjusted continuously and with very little effort.

Automated triage

The COVID-19 protocol includes automated triage. If a patient deteriorates, the monitoring clinicians will be notified and can take proper action.

Patients safe at home

Patients can report their symptoms, chat, call or video a clinician, why they can feel safe at home even if they have mild symptoms. 

Less exposure for staff and patients

COVID-19 makes it possible to provide healthcare with no risk of contagion. Likewise, non-COVID-patients will be less exposed to the virus.

COVID-19 Telemedicine explained

The patient shows symptoms or has been exposed to COVID-19

Patient contacts his GP or books a test

If asked to isolate, the patient enters data on his general condition and temperature in the App 

A healthcare professional can monitor up to 500 remote patients per day

While in home isolation the patient can communicate with a healthcare professional through the App

Once the isolation period is over or the patient is tested negative the remote monitoring ends

Horizon 2020 beneficiary

Backed by the EU

To further finance the development of the RPM solution, Levvel Health ApS applied for the European Innovation Council (EIC), Accelerator Pilot of the European Commission, which released funds totaling 314 million euro. This fund is part of the Horizon 2020 research and development program. Its aim is to support innovative start-ups and SMEs of the highest quality with the potential to scale up internationally.

4,000 applications were submitted. Levvel Health ApS was chosen among just 36 winners for its infectious disease management tool that can be utilized by governments and private hospitals alike to reduce the burden of COVID-19 as well as prepare governments for the next wave of epidemics.

Levvel Health ApS was awarded a grant of 2.4 million euro following a meticulous scrutiny by leading experts in the field and strict due diligence. The grant capital enables the execution of the start-up’s internationalization plans.

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 of the European Union

Video walk-through

COVID-19 Telemedicine in 2 minutes


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