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1/12 - 2021

Digital Tech Summit

Levvel Health will participate in Digital Tech Summit as part of Copenhagen Univserity’s start up area. 

Digital tech Summit is a 2-day conference planned by all 7 Danish universities as well as a number of industrial partners, with the aim of bringing together decision-makers, engineers, companies, researchers, students, startups, etc. to the Nordic region’s largest academic tech event.

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2/11 - 2021

AI and Health Data - favorite drink or explosive cocktail?

With our participation at the event hosted in AI Innovation House, Levvel Health highlights how AI can be used to detect disease and exacerbations in advance. Until now, AI has been used primarily as a decision support in the clinic. New technologies make it possible, easy and cheap to move AI completely into patients homes with Levvel.connect and remote patient monitoring.

A Levvel Health booth will be on display between 2nd of September to 2nd of November 2021.

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12-13/10 - 2021

E-sundhedsobservatoriets årskonference 2021

Levvel Health is participating in E-Health Observatory’s annual conference 2021. This year’s theme: COVID-19 as a game changer of the healthcare system? The conference will be held on the 12th and 13th of October in the Conference House Odeon and the connection is large with almost 500 participants.

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05/10 - 2021

Find out how Telecare Nord monitors 500 COPD patients per nurse

With their six years of experience in telemedicine, TeleCare Nord has been at the forefront of the ongoing digital development in healthcare institutions, and has gained valuable experience. That’s why we have invited them in for a chat about the digital healthcare system of the future.

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