Solution features

Proven and ready to deploy

Solution features

Proven and ready
to deploy

Remote healthcare

In-app chat function enables remote access to healthcare advice.

Remote monitoring

Enrollment of patients into the fully automated self-monitoring program.

AI platform

Collect, store, analyse data and predict future trends.

Instant triage

Overview screen with color coded notification indicating if action is required.

Video enabled

Support real-time video and chat conferencing with patients

Push notifications

Support reminders and push notifications to patients

IOT enabled

Ready to connect with IOT medical devices and wearables

Real-time data

Continuous data collection of vitals for early intervention and real-time statistics

System integration

Prepared for integration with electronic medical records (EMR)

Turnkey solution

Ready to scale, fast deployment

White labelling

Make the RPM solution yours with custom colors, logo etc.


Full language and character set customization

Implementation benefits

Levvel.connect can be tailored to your needs

Ready-to-deploy solution

  • One server installation will be deployed for up to 1 mill. citizens
  • Servers can be made available for use after 5 days upon signed contract 
  • Training and instruction will be provided
  • Servers monitored, maintained, and updated by Levvel Health 
  • Protocols can be customized by customer’s clinicians
  • The solution comes with an open API and can integrate with existing systems, software platforms, and devices


  • Protocols can be updated and deployed instantly 
  • The solution can be deployed to monitor patient groups of other infectious or chronic diseases
  • Protocols can be adjusted to specific market needs on an ongoing basis
  • Solution supports full language and charset localization
  • The Remote Patient Monitoring solution can be white labeled with customer logo and colors
Safe and secure health data

GDPR compliance

Levvel Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring solution (levvel.connect) can be made to comply with the GDPR regulations
If you want to know more about Levvel.connect and data security, visit the dedicated page here.


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