Partnership Solutions

Automatic Oxygen Treatment

O2matic’s HOT 100 is a technology for automated titration in the homes of patients suffering from chronic cases in need of oxygen treatment. The robot enables remote, centralized oxygen treatment and monitoring.

Levvel.connect allows for the collection of data from the automatic oxygen titration to be displayed in a structured overview for clinicians or other healthcare providers. With Levvel.connect it is also possible to connect other devices for the collection of data such as blood pressure, temperature as required for the individual patient.

The solution provides the ability for remote qualified monitoring and secure safe and proper treatment for patients while in the comfort of their own homes.

Flexible Heart Monitoring


Through our partnership with Chronolife, Levvel Health offers an innovative and non-invasive solution consisting of a wearable medical device and our RPM solution, levvel.connect.

The combined solution enables the patients to live an active daily life. While heart rate and other vital signs are being closely and safely monitored, the patients can go shopping, visit friends or go to work. The combination allows for transmitting vital signs data from patients to their healthcare providers continuously and in quasi real-time. The vital signs data is presented to the healthcare professionals via a web interface in a structured and prioritized overview. In case of alerts, the healthcare professional can take immediate action as needed.

Ready to deploy turnkey soluton

Remote Patient Monitoring provides qualified care for more patients at a lower cost. 

IBM Cloud is the most secure, open and intelligent cloud platform for B2B business. It provides optimal freedom to build and deploy immediately and supports the needs of both small and in-store companies for hybrid multi-cloud solutions, advanced data analysis and AI capabilities. 

By utilizing IBM Cloud, Levvel Health can offer an attractive, scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) with simple set-up and fee structure and the app is available on both iPhone and Android. Further, Levvel.connect has an open API and can integrate with existing systems, software platforms, and devices.


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