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Solution Briefs

Flexible Heart Monitoring

Levvel Health RPM with wearable medical devices by Chronolife

Use Keesense™ and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to optimize the patient healthcare pathway and decrease healthcare costs. Changing demographics and a general rise in the number of chronic patients is increasing the load  on health systems. Innovative technology like medical devices remote patient monitoring can help reduce the increasing burden on healthcare systems by. Some of the main benefits from this RPM solution include:

   •     Early detection of changes in condition or disease
   •     Accessible healthcare 24/7 bringing assurance and peace of mind for patients
   •     Improve daily life of patients through practical, secure, and non-invasive monitoring
   •     Limit the need for taking time off work, as well as transportation and travel in relation to the care

    Qualified COVID-19 Care 

    Levvel.connect on IBM Cloud

    Remote Patient Monitoring provides qualified care for more COVID-19 patients at a lower cost. With IBM Cloud it can run anywhere and be set-up securely within 24 hours.Levvel.connect, meets the urgent need for providing qualified care to COVID-19 patients in home isolation and patients with long-term symptoms while at the same time optimizing healthcare resources in hospitals and clinics. The solution runs on the most open and secure public cloud for business, IBM Cloud, giving IT the freedom to build and run anywhere within 24 hours. Running on IBM Cloud has a list of benefits, including:

       •   Offering full IT flexibility and freedom, agile processes and immense scalabilit
       •   Being prepared for whatever cloud structure you want
       •   Securely stored data in IBM’s German data center, which complies with GDPR
       •   Allows IT to scale and shrink resources matching your needs any time

      Automatic Oxygen Therapy

      Secure home oxygen therapy RPM with advanced workflows

      Bring safe and qualified oxygen therapy outside hospitals into the homes of patients with HOT 100, oxygen titration robot, and the Levvel.connect RPM platform. Technological advances in automatic oxygen titration have greatly improved oxygen treatment in hospitals; raising the quality of treatment for patient groups suffering from COPD and other pulmonary conditions. Now it is possible to use the technology outside of hospitals for patients in need of long-term oxygen treatment. Some of the main benefits from this RPM solution include:

         •    The ability to adjust the prescription for oxygen treatment centrally in e.g. hospitals
         •    Increased safety by automatic adjustments of oxygen
         •    Real time monitoring of the patient through the clinician portal
         •    Individualized treatment by adjusting the oxygen to the patient’s needs.


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